Since 1997 Bell Street Tavern has been an important institution on Madeline Island. With it’s excellent location, impressive stature and warm interior touches it has managed to create lasting memories for residents and visitors alike. Bell Street Tavern is an elegant full service event center ready to create memories in the heart of La Pointe. Have an idea for an event? Let us help you bring it to life!

About the island… we are a 20-minute ferry boat ride from Bayfield, Wisconsin. The island is 3 miles wide and 14 miles long for a total of 42 square miles, the same size as the island of Manhattan! More than one third of the Island consists of parks and wilderness preserves and will, therefore, never be developed. The Island is a nature-lovers' paradise making it an ideal location for any type of destination event.

Photo by: Joey Monson-Lillie Photography